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Blue Lagoon Oysters

Blue Lagoon Oysters sells fresh, tasty oysters from pristine waters; the only oyster farmgate on the Tasman Peninsula.

Their oysters are grown in Boomer Bay and have a unique, fresh and briny flavour that reflects the forests and seagrass meadows blasted by the East Coast oceanic currents.

Blue Lagoon Oysters grow beautiful Pacific Oysters and it's colourful sister, Premium Tassie Gold Pacific Oyster. They are the only farmgate in the state to cultivate and sell Tasmania's native oyster, the Angasi (only available for a limted time in Tasmania's cooler months).

Open: 7 days
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Public holidays may affect these hours

+61 407 948 120


Location: 98 Bay Road, Boomer Bay
TAS 7177


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